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Schools and charities

What do teachers think
about charity in schools?


Following on from our Growing up Giving report, which found that schools lie at the heart of the bond between young people and charities, we've carried out a survey exploring teachers’ thoughts on the relationship between schools and charities.

The aim of this research was to provide some context for our Growing Giving campaign; to understand how schools engage with charities - and whether this relationship can be improved.


The survey asked what teachers thought about:

  • the impact of charity involvement on students – are there substantial benefits?
  • how charities engage with schools – and with how many?
  • the barriers schools face when it comes to working with charities
  • effective ways to help develop a closer relationship between schools and charities
  • how the relationships work – are the students or the teachers ‘in charge’?

The campaign aims to close the ‘generation gap’ in charitable giving and promote active engagement of charities with all age groups.

The campaign also wants to encourage younger generations to give more time and money to charity and ensure that people keep on giving throughout their lives.

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Growing Giving

We've launched a Parliamentary inquiry to find out how we can narrow the generation gap in giving, and get people of all ages involved with charity.

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