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I believe I can make a difference: giving by 'ordinary people' in South Africa

Individual Giving by ‘Ordinary People’ living in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Nine out of 10 people give time and/or money according to a pioneering study of South African giving.

The main motivation for personal generosity is a belief that giving can make a difference, according to a pilot survey among Gauteng citizens released today by CAF Southern Africa.

The survey also reveals that during the three months prior to interview 94% gave goods, 85% donated money and 56% volunteered.

Percentages of people who donate money, goods and time

The data suggests that individuals are motivated and committed to helping each other and creating a country that is a better place for everyone. In making this finding visible, the report carries a message from ordinary individuals to the nation: ‘I believe I can make a difference’ to the quality of both the present and the future of its fellow citizens and its community.

“These findings show a very strong culture of giving and mutual support in Gauteng,” said Colleen du Toit, CEO of CAF Southern Africa.

“The results also reflect the most recent World Giving Index, published by the Charities Aid Foundation in the United Kingdom, which revealed that South Africa had moved up 35 places in the global league table of generosity.”

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