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A stronger Britain: How can charities build post-Brexit Britain?

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Events of the past few months will mean significant changes to the political landscape. With the Government committed to Brexit following the referendum on membership of the EU, politicians from all parties are looking for ways to build a stronger Britain. ‘A Stronger Britain,’ published for 2016 party conference season, explores some key areas in which charities can help to tackle some of the hurdles that we face.

Our report looks into the role that people think charities can play in the coming years, as the Government seeks to deliver Brexit. Some of the areas it covers include how charities can help to develop community cohesion, the importance of charity advocacy, the opportunities that localism and devolution offer for charities, and the ways in which charities can help to strengthen Britain’s role in the world.

The report calls for:

  • Government to commission charities to monitor levels of community cohesion
  • The freedom of charities to be enshrined in the new British Bill of Human Rights
  • Local directly elected politicians to be given a mandate to promote charities
  • The Department for International Development to work to leave a legacy of support and civil society infrastructure overseas

These ideas are just some of the ways in which charities can help to deliver a new settlement. We hope that it will help to trigger a debate, and see charities working in partnership with government to build a stronger Britain.

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