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CAF World Giving Index 2016

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What is the CAF World Giving Index?

The CAF World Giving Index is a leading study on global generosity. Now in its seventh year, it provides a picture of charitable behaviour around the world.

The CAF World Giving Index measures the average percentage of people in each country who donate money, volunteer or help a stranger. This year, 140 countries were surveyed, representing around 96% of the world’s population.

What are the key findings?

  • Myanmar tops the CAF World Giving Index for the third year running, followed by USA and Australia.
  • The UK is the most generous country in Europe, followed by Ireland and the Netherlands.
  • In many countries, men are significantly more likely than women to engage in volunteering or helping a stranger. However, at the global average level, there’s little difference between men and women when it comes to donating money.
  • Iraq ranks highest for helping a stranger for the second year running.

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