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Local Charities Day 2016

This new report by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), released to coincide with Local Charities Day, shows there is strong support across Britain for local charities.

CAF examined people’s perceptions of local charities and attitudes towards them and found that 64% of people agree that local charities make a valuable contribution to their community while 54% believe local charities are trustworthy.

Local Charities Day, which takes place on Friday 16 December, aims to put small local charities and community groups into the spotlight helping them thrive and demonstrate the great work they do in their areas.

Other key findings from this report include:

•87% of charities have an annual income of under £500,000

•58% of people think that elected mayors should actively champion the work of local charities

•39% of people believe that local charities are good at demonstrating their impact

• 27% of people say that they give to local charities, with 12% saying that they regular volunteer in favour of these organisations.

• When asked about how important a role local charities play in British society on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is not at all important and 10 is essential), the mean score was 7.73.

You can read more by downloading the report here: Local Charities Day 2016
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