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UK Giving Report 2015

A look at how individuals give
to charity in the UK

UK Charitable giving

The UK Giving report is a comprehensive survey reviewing how individuals give to charity. This report looks into how much is donated, who the donors are, where the donations go and the trends over time.

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Key findings in this report include:

- Two in three people (67%) have given to charity in the last year and two in five people (42%) have given in the last month.


- The average monthly amount given by a donor in 2015 is £14

- Cash is still the most popular way of giving to charity.

1891E_UKGivingReport_CASH popular

- Giving saw a peak in May 2015, shortly after the DEC launched their Nepal Earthquake appeal

- The West Midlands and London are the only regions where less than three-quarters have participated in charitable or social action in the last year.

- 16-24s are more likely to give to educational institutions

- 25-44s are more likely to give to children/young people’s causes
- 45-64s to animal charities, conservation/environment/heritage and overseas aid

- 65+ favour religious causes and hospitals/hospice 

Learn more about these findings and all the latest research when you download the UK Giving report.

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UK Giving report 2015

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