We've carried out research amongst videogamers on their attitudes towards charitable giving through gaming. The online survey was advertised on a number of websites owned by the ‘Gamer Network’ group, which attracts a large audience of gamers worldwide.


  • 58% were interested in donating while playing
  • 59% would be more likely to pay to remove adverts if some of the cost went to charity
  • 63% would use funds from online wallets to donate

You can find the full results of the survey in our infographic.

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“Videogames are played by hundreds of millions across the world, from the gamers who’ll dedicate hours at a time to their hobby, to people who might just play on their phone every once in a while to pass a train journey. Videogames are big business and have the potential to offer a lot of support to good causes

“Some charities and developers have already worked to create unique gaming opportunities to raise awareness and funds. For example, in 2013 the Red Cross partnered with EA to create a special download for Sim City. Meanwhile charitable gamers can find a wide range of games available on Humble Bundle, an online game store that donates part of the price to charities.

“Our research, conducted with support from Gamestatix and the GamerNetwork, found that gamers and developers are very open to the idea of supporting good causes through gaming.

“There are a wide range of ways to give to charity and support good causes while doing something you enjoy, whether it’s baking a cake, running a marathon or even developing and playing video games. The huge numbers of gamers around the world are a growing example of the way technology is ever-present in our daily lives and while charities and their supporters continue to come up with fun and creative ways to fundraise, technology is going to be increasingly central to the way people give to and engage with charities.”

Susan Pinkney, Head of Research, CAF

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