A tool to help you understand your CAF donations

CAF Charity Dashboard is a free online reporting tool to that gives you information on the donations we pay into your charity's bank account.

  • Get a breakdown of the donations you receive via CAF.
  • Download Payment Reports and statements.
  • Promote your charity's mission and activities to over 70,000 corporate and individual donors on our Charity Search.

Find out who your donors are

You can use the Dashboard to find out details about the donations you've received from:

  • Give As You Earn.
  • CAF Charity Vouchers.
  • CAF Charity, Company and Trust Accounts.
  • CAF CharityCards.

Once you've found the information you need, download a Payment Report which includes details about the donors who have donated.

Watch our video for a quick guide to Payment Reports.
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More information about CAF donations

CAF Charity Dashboard FAQs

Do you have a question about CAF Charity Dashboard? Check out FAQs.

What to do with a CAF Charity Voucher

If you've received a CAF Charity Voucher, follow these instructions to get the donation paid into your charity's bank account.

Donations tools: CAF Donate

CAF Donate makes taking donations easier. Use it to set up online donation pages, process Direct Debits, manage postal/phone donations, and much more.