CAF Charity Dashboard


CAF Charity Dashboard is an easy way to understand your CAF donations. Use the online tool to manage your payments and see who’s donated to you.

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CAF Charity Dashboard is a free-to-use reporting tool to help you keep on top of the donations we pay into your charity's bank account. 

With downloadable Payment Reports, you can get information of donations made to your charity via:

  • CAF Charity Vouchers
  • CAF CharityCards
  • CAF Charity, Company and Trust Accounts
  • CAF Give As You Earn

Did you know...

You can get your CAF Charity Voucher donations quicker with our fundraising tool CAF Donate?

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Get insight into your donations

Create finance reports

Get information about payments to your bank account. See how much is coming into your bank account - and when - so you can plan ahead.

Create charity fundraising reports

Get important information about your donors so you can thank them for their gifts and develop fundraising strategies to reach the right donors each time

Upload your donation information into your own donation management systems

Download donor data in easy-to-use formats

Download your donation information in Excel and CSV formats that you can enter into your own donor management systems

See your CAF Voucher payments online

View your voucher donations online

See all your CAF Charity Voucher donations in one place

Redeem CAF Charity Voucher donations

Reach more supporters

Promote your charity's mission and activities to over 70,000 corporate and individual donors on our charity search

Be supported all the way

Free support from our expert team will be at hand to solve any queries you may have


Did you know, you can get your CAF Charity Voucher donations without having to post them to us for processing? 

Our donations tool, CAF Donate lets you upload CAF Charity Vouchers yourself, so you can save on your postage costs and get your donations quicker. 

With CAF Donate you'll still be able to see your Payment Reports, as well as access a range of fundraising tools to help you boost your charity donations.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance crew standing in front of helicopter

"Since using self-processing our postage costs have reduced, and the speed in which we are able to obtain these donations, is a great improvement" 

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust

  • Can I use the CAF Charity Dashboard if I’m an overseas charity?
    No - CAF Charity Dashboard is only available for UK-registered charities.
  • How long does it take to set up CAF Charity Dashboard?
    Creating an account takes about five minutes. We'll ask for some information about you and your charity, and then we’ll confirm your details with your charity's main email contact. We'll let you know whether your application has been approved or rejected.
  • What is a remittance advice?
    A remittance is a notification of payment to your charity’s bank account. We provide two versions of this record in CAF Charity Dashboard.



CAF Charity Dashboard is an easy way to view donations from CAF donors

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