Direct Debits offer your donors an easy way to give regularly to your charity through Direct Debit donations. By encouraging your supporters to switch to Direct Debits you can reduce the time you spend processing payments.

CAF Donate offers you three easy ways to accept Direct Debit donations from your supporters:

Direct Debit donations online


Whether you opt for a widget or a web page, Direct Debit as a donation method is available as an option for your supporters to choose.

Donors simply select the ‘Regular Donation’ button to set up an online Direct Debit.

Bulk upload Direct Debit donations

Bulk Upload

Having a telephone fundraising campaign? Capture all your new Direct Debit donations in a single, easy to complete spreadsheet which you can then upload in a matter of seconds.

Gift Aid is available on Direct Debits too, so you can be confident of getting the most from every donation.

Direct Debit donations over the phone

Over the phone

Save time, paper and postage by accepting Direct Debits over the phone.

CAF Donate provides you with a guided set up, giving you a script to follow so you cover all the necessary information. It even sends an instant email to your new supporter to confirm all their details.

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29 July 2019 

How are Direct Debits different to standing orders?

While both are ways of getting regular donations for your charity, Direct Debits can be a more cost and time-efficient way of doing so. We've put together six main points of difference between both Direct Debits and standing orders. 
1 March 2019 

Direct Debits vs recurring card payments

While there are lots of ways donors can give to their favourite causes regularly, there are important differences between them. We compare Direct Debits and recurring card payments, and the impact it can have on your charity and donors.


CAF in-depth reports and insights

Reports and insights

You’ll have access to in-depth reports about your campaigns, donors and donations. You can easily download this information and upload it to your own CRM system.

CAF tax effective giving managing Gift Aid

Manage Gift Aid

It's easy for your donors to Gift Aid their donations – no matter how large or small. We can also reduce your admin by reclaiming Gift Aid on your behalf.

Find out more about managing Gift Aid
CAF Donate, process offline donations

Process offline donations

In addition to online donations, with CAF Donate you can collect and process offline donations made via the phone or by post.

Find out more about processing offline donations
CAF Donate collect donations online

Collect donations online

You can quickly set up online donation pages or ‘Donate now’ buttons for your fundraising campaigns and add them to your charity’s website, Facebook page, or emails.

Find out more about setting up donation pages
CAF Donate donation widget displayed on a mobile phone


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