With CAF Donate you can build online donation pages to accept gifts by Direct Debit, card, PayPal and CAF Accounts on mobile, desktop and Facebook.

You can create donation pages for your charity's overall cause and for specific fundraising campaigns – there's no limit to the amount that you can build.

Plus, every page can be branded with your logo, colours and message so that it looks and feels a part of your own website.


Brand look and feel

Make the online donation form fit your charity's brand by adding your logo and using your own brand colours.

Campaign information

Specify the campaign name, description and donation target (optional) which will be shown to your donors. 

Single donation options

Set up to four single donation amounts for your donors to choose from. These can be made by Card Payment, Paypal or a CAF Account. 

Also, tell them how their donation amount will help eg £5 could help provide life-saving food for a child for a week.

Regular donation options

Set up to four regular donation amounts for you donors to choose from. These will be made through Direct Debit and you can give your donors the option of paying monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

Also, tell them how their donation amount will help eg This could help buy 6 mattresses to help people sleep this winter.

Thank you messages

Edit the Thank You Message Page and Thank You Email that your donors will see following their donation. 

Make it personal to your charity, include links to your website and options for donors to share their support of your cause via email and social media.


When it comes to publishing your donation page on your website there are three options.

1 Embed it

We'll provide website code which lets you easily place a smaller version of the donation page on your own webpages. The benefit of this is that donors will stay on your website when making their online donations.

2 Link to it

You'll be given a URL link to your donation page which you can add to your website, emails and social media posts.

3  Add a Donate Now button

We'll also give you website code which once added to your webpages will automatically create a donate now button that links to your donation page.

With all three options, your donors get all the same options for donation type and Gift Aid, so it really is down to your own preferences.
CAF Donate responsive donation widget screenshot


CAF Donate, process offline donations

Process offline donations

In addition to online donations, with CAF Donate you can collect and process offline donations made via the phone or by post.

Find out more about processing offline donations
CAF tax effective giving managing Gift Aid

Manage Gift Aid

It's easy for your donors to Gift Aid their donations – no matter how large or small. We can also reduce your admin by reclaiming Gift Aid on your behalf.

Find out more about managing Gift Aid
CAF in-depth reports and insights

Reports and insights

You’ll have access to in-depth reports about your campaigns, donors and donations. You can easily download this information and upload it to your own CRM system.

CAF accept direct debit donations

Accept Direct Debits

It's easy to accept Direct Debits so you can turn one-off donations into regular income.

Find out more about accepting Direct Debits
CAF Donate donation widget displayed on a mobile phone


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