How to process multiple Direct Debit donations

1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website and select ‘Bulk upload Direct Debit donations’ on the right hand side of the account homepage.

2 Download the ‘New Direct Debit Instructions’ template 

The template file contains two tabs:

  • The first tab provides you with all the columns you need to complete. Mandatory columns are in red.
  • the second tab provides you with detailed information on how to complete these fields.

To ensure a quick upload, each file is limited to 50 rows but you may upload as many files as you need.

Remember to make sure you have downloaded the correct template. You should not use the Amended Direct Debit Instructions template to create new Direct Debit instructions, and vice versa.

Feel free to save a copy of the templates in your computer drive, however be sure to check for any updates to the template layout. Using an out of date template may result in a delay to processing. 

CAF Donate home area
Screenshot of CAF Donate homepage area

Completing your template

1  Complete all the fields 

Remember that the columns in red are mandatory, and don't delete the column headers.

2  Save it as a CSV file  

All templates must be saved in the CSV format, as all other file types will fail to upload. 

To do this, select the drop down ‘Save As’ Type, select ‘CSV Comma Delimited (.csv)’ and save the file.

Make sure the file name is no greater than 50 characters.

Top tip

If you receive an error when saving your file, stating that the file does not support workbooks containing multiple sheets, make sure that the sheet open is the one that contains the Direct Debit instructions and click ‘OK’.

This will save only the sheet within which you have amended the data. 

If you receive an error regarding .csv compatibility features, click ‘Yes’
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

Please note: Be sure to delete the three guidance bullet points shown in the above image under column A, as leaving these in will prevent the file from uploading. 

CAf Donate screenshot

3  Upload your file to CAF Donate

This will be in the 'Bulk upload Direct Debit donations' section where you first started.  

This may take a couple of minutes to upload, but please do not refresh the page as this will resubmit your file. You can continue to use the rest of the website and return to see if your file has been uploaded.

Top tip

If you select the wrong file before submitting, you can simply change the file by clicking on ‘Browse’ again – this will overwrite the file.

If you've uploaded a new instruction with incorrect details that cannot be amended in the bulk upload or self-service section of CAF Donate, you'll need to cancel the instruction and set up the instruction correctly.

CAF Donate home area
CAF Donate account area screenshot

Your multiple Direct Debit has been completed

You will see the file appear in your upload history and the status column will show ‘Submitted’.

Once your Direct debits are successfully processed, the status will change to ‘ProcessedNoErrors’.

What if I see an error message?

If the file status shows as ‘ProcessedWithErrors’, this means we haven't been able to successfully process your Direct Debits. You'll receive an email from us highlighting where the errors where made and you can see these by clicking on the 'view' button. 

Once you've corrected these and have re-uploaded the files, we'll be able to process the Direct Debit donation. 

You'll  able to view the amended Direct Debits in the CAF Donate reporting section 24 hours later.


Only the five most recent error files will be shown. If you need to access previous files please contact our Customer Services team on 03000 123 000 or email
Screenshot of CAF Donate account area
The successful lines and error columns will remain blank until completed. 
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Process your Direct Debits today

Log into your CAF Donate account to process your offline Direct Debit donations.

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