How to process single Direct Debit donations

1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account on the CAF website and select ‘Process single Direct Debit donations’ on the right hand side of the account homepage. 
CAF Donate home area

2  Choose your campaign

You can allocate your Direct Debit donations to your general pot of funds which is set up under your 'main campaign' or any other campaign you may have set up.

Your Main Campaign will appear first, followed by an alphabetical list of all your active fundraising campaigns in the drop down menu.

3  Enter the donation amount 

The minimum donation amount you can enter is £2, and you can choose how frequently the donation should be made (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually). 

Direct Debits can only be set up from UK bank accounts but please note that not all accounts allow Direct Debits to be drawn from them.

4  Gift Aid 

Is the donation eligible for Gift Aid? If you are taking a donation over the telephone please ensure you read this statement to the donor and make sure they understand.

5  If the donation is tax effective...

Confirm that you either hold a valid Gift Aid Declaration or if taken over the phone that you have sent confirmation in writing of their verbal declaration. 

Processing single direct debit payments with CAF Donate screenshot

Adding your donor's details 

The next step to complete processing your single direct debit payment is to enter your donor's personal and bank account details.

1  Unique reference number 

Do you have a unique reference number for your donor? You can enter or create a unique reference number here – we will show the reference in your reports and you can use it to search for that donor at a later date.

2  Personal details  

Enter your donor's title, first and last names.

3  Contact preferences 

To comply with the GDPR regulations, capture your donor’s preferred methods of being contacted.

4  Address details

This must be their home address and will be used for claiming any eligible Gift Aid. We may also use this address if we need to contact the donor with any queries about their donation.

5  Bank account details

Enter the account holder’s name (as it appears on their bank account).Add the account number and sort code that the Direct Debit will be drawn on.

6  Select the start date for collection

This will be when the first donation is collected and must be a minimum of 11 days in the future and no greater than 11 months.

Screenshot of CAF Donate's direct debit processing feature outlining instructions for donor details

Almost there...

After you've entered all the above details for your Direct Debit donation, you will see a confirmation screen to allow you to check that all the details are correct.
If you would like to change anything, use the ‘Previous’ button to go back and make the amendments. 

Screenshot of CAF Donate

Your Direct debit is complete

You will see a simple thank you confirmation that we've received your Direct Debit instruction. 

Screenshot of CAF Donate
CTA Banner phone


Process your Direct Debits today

Log into your CAF Donate account to process your offline Direct Debit donations.

Log into CAF Donate

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