Did you know that CAF donors wrote over 360,000 vouchers to support their favourite charities last year? That’s over £100 million in donations to charity.  

If your charity has received a voucher from one of our donors here's how you can redeem it.


First time you've received a CAF Charity Voucher? Follow these instructions to get the donation paid into your charity's bank account.

  • This is the first time I have received a CAF Charity Voucher. What do I do?

    Step 1: Send the voucher to us. 

    We will process it and assign your charity a Beneficiary Number. You'll then be able to sign up to our CAF Charity Dashboard and view your CAF donations online. Send the voucher to:

    Customer Services
    CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)
    25 Kings Hill Avenue
    Kings Hill
    West Malling
    Kent ME19 4TA

    Step 2: Sign up to CAF Charity Dashboard.

    Sign up to CAF Charity Dashboard and you will be able to view your CAF donations online. Once you’ve signed up to CAF Charity Dashboard you will be able to upgrade to our fundraising tool CAF Donate and process future vouchers as soon as you receive them. 
  • Where can I find my Beneficiary number?

    If you’ve received a statement from us in the past it will be on the top right hand side of the statement.

    If you’re a new customer send the voucher to us and we will create one for you (see above).


You can manage and process CAF Charity Vouchers yourself by using our donation tools CAF Charity Dashboard and CAF Donate.
  • Why should I sign up for CAF Charity Dashboard?

    The CAF Charity Dashboard gives you access to online reports about all your donations from CAF. You’ll get information such as donor details and donation amount, so you can say thank you and keep supporters updated about your events and activities.

    You’ll also receive your donations quicker. When you sign up we ask for your charity’s bank account details – this is so that we can transfer your funds to you by BACS. This means no more statements or cheques in the post!

    Plus, by signing up to CAF Charity Dashboard you’ll be able to upgrade to CAF Donate and process future vouchers yourself.

    Find out more about CAF Charity Dashboard.

  • What is CAF Donate?

    CAF Donate makes fundraising more manageable by letting you easily receive donations online, by post and by phone, all in one place.

    You can upload the details of CAF Charity Vouchers and CAF CharityCards with CAF Donate. We’ll process these payments immediately, which means that your charity will receive donations more quickly than if you send them to us by post.

    Find out more about CAF Donate.

  • I am a CAF Charity Dashboard customer. How do I upgrade to CAF Donate?

    Upgrading to CAF Donate is really simple. Log in to your CAF Charity Dashboard and click on the ‘Upgrade’ button on your homepage. You need to decide whether you would like CAF to manage Gift Aid on your behalf and provide us with the names, addresses and dates of birth of your trustees.

    Take a look at our CAF Donate help page for more information on the application process for CAF Donate.
  • How do I use CAF Donate to redeem my CAF Charity vouchers?
    Firstly, log in to CAF Donate. You can then process CAF Charity Vouchers and CAF Charity Card donations by clicking on the relevant links.
  • Why do I have to sign up to be a CAF Charity Dashboard customer before I can upgrade to CAF Donate?

    As well as being a registered charity, CAF is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that we need to take a few more steps with our due diligence processes.

    Signing up to CAF Charity Dashboard is the first step in our verification process. Upgrading to CAF Donate is the second step.

    It might seem like a pain now but it does mean that you can be reassured that we are extremely scrupulous in all our interactions with you and is why CAF is trusted by charities and donors alike.

    Take a look at our CAF Donate help page for more information on the application process for CAF Donate.

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