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With the support of our donations processing tool, CAF Donate, BuildAid has been able to raise nearly £23,000 to fund their latest construction project – the Trinity Angels Orphanage in the Philippines.

Children playing music at the Trinity Angels Orphanage

Helping displaced communities and vulnerable children affected by natural disasters is what drives international non-profit, BuildAid.

Since 2005, BuildAid has been constructing schools, orphanages and healthcare facilities across the world. Some of their notable work has been in response to the natural disasters of the Tsunami in south-east Asia in 2004, and the earthquake in Haiti in 2011.

With a team of just two people, BuildAid has made a difference to the lives of more than 25,000 people. And with the support of CAF Donate, the charity has been able to raise nearly £23,000 to fund their latest construction project – the Trinity Angels Orphanage in the Philippines.

Responding to disaster with CAF Donate

When Typhoon Haiyan claimed the lives of more than 6,000 people in the Philippines in 2013, BuildAid were at the scene to respond to the disaster.

BuildAid’s Trinity Angels Orphanage on the island of Bohol helped to house and protect displaced vulnerable children, many of whom were abandoned or left to fend for themselves.

When the orphanage had reached its full capacity, the team looked to fund a major refurbishment project.

Using CAF Donate to support a telefundraising campaign, BuildAid is now carrying out a three-part development project that’s set to double its capacity.

Fundraising manager, Ashley Russell, tells us how important it was for BuildAid to set up a campaign fund specifically for the orphanage project:
Trinity Angels Orphanage - work in progress

“We are very donor conscious, we like to keep our supporters informed about what they are contributing to and also it is nice for people to know where their money is going. CAF Donate has made it really easy to set up multiple funds besides our general one and track those donations, because they all appear under the same campaign code,” says Ashley.

Successfully raising almost £23,000 from the telefundraising campaign, he tells us that without the ability to set up the project-specific fund with CAF Donate, their campaign “would have been impossible.”

 “We can now plan and budget for the future, with confidence that we can continue to deliver aid to those who need it most” 

Before using CAF Donate, the team at BuildAid spent a lot of time on lengthy grant-making applications to fund projects, “we needed a reputable and time efficient online donation processing service with reasonable admin costs that we could use within our website.”

Ashley tells us that the ease of the administration and the quality of fundraising support had given them “the peace of mind to raise funds in a safe, secure and responsible way.”

The time saved by using CAF Donate meant that the charity was able to explore new fundraising options – particularly regular giving.

CAF Donate’s Direct Debit processing feature allowed BuildAid to build a base of regular supporters, “we can now plan and budget for the future, with confidence that we can continue to deliver aid to those who need it most”, says Ashley.

Taking the decision to use a new donation processing platform can be daunting for small charities. Ashley tells us that the reasonable pricing is what made CAF Donate “really stand out”. Pleased with the support BuildAid got when using CAF Donate, Ashley describes the customer services team as “knowledgeable, polite and very quick to respond.”

“CAF seems to be an organisation doing things for the benefit of charities, and my feeling was that it can only help us to work with CAF.”

The children of Danao Elementary School - Philippines

CAF Donate was created to alleviate the burdens of managing donations and help charities like BuildAid to get more aid to where it matters. If you would like more information about how we can support your charity to achieve its fundraising goals, please visit our CAF Donate homepage.

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