This fund is now closed

The fund is now closed to further applications and donations.

How the fund is making a difference

Over 8 days when the Fund launched in March 2020, we received an overwhelming response, with nearly 5,000 applications from small charities, with requests totaling more than £39 million.

Since then, we've paid grants to over 1,250 charitable organisations across the UK, totaling more than £6.4 million. In addition to an initial £5 million made available by CAF, contributions from private individuals, trusts and businesses have added more than £1 million to the fund. The Fund is now closed to further applications. 

We've also been working with 360Giving to publish information about the grants paid from fund.

Other ways we're supporting charities 

We're continuing to explore and share opportunities to support charitable organisations at this difficult time.

Charities the fund is helping

The money is now getting to the organisations who desperately need it, charities like these...

Survive the crisis

In this challenging year for charities, we've pulled together new resources with actions to survive, tools to adapt and strategies to thrive in a crisis.

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Charities surviving crisis