Whether you're a new charity looking for help, or you've been established for a while and are looking for information, our answers to your most frequently-asked questions can help.

  • How do we calculate our fees?

    Our fees are tailored to the piece of work we’re delivering. In general, our fees are based on the annual income of your charity and start at £600 per day.

    Fees may vary for individuals, companies and social enterprises.

  • Will we do fundraising for your charity?

    We don’t fundraise on your behalf, but we can support your charity to develop its own  fundraising and/or income generation strategy. The strategy can then act as a roadmap for your fundraising activities.

    Our approach is to build capacity and knowledge within the organisations that we support, so that your charity becomes more resilient and self-sufficient.

  • What is our approach to working?

    Our advice and recommendations are based on practice rather than theory. We use our knowledge of the charity sector to ensure that our work is based on practical know-how and market realities.

    We also rely on the skills and knowledge from across our business; for example, those working alongside individual donors, corporate giving and international and domestic civil society research.

    Our work is most effective when we have the co-operation and trust of senior leadership and the trustees of an organisation.

  • Will we introduce your charity to trusts, foundations or major donors?

    We don’t act as an introducer or brokerage service, but we can help your charity explore its options. For example, we could support your fundraising strategy by researching donor behaviour, resulting in a shortlist of foundations for you to approach.

  • Do we help international charities which want to open an office in the UK?

    If you’re looking for a feasibility study, a national strategy, support in governance structures or fundraising strategies in the UK, we can help.

    As well as a network of offices, spanning 6 continents, we have over 16,000 charity clients in the UK, so have an excellent knowledge of the sector. We also work with 70% of the FTSE 100, around 3,000 major donors and manage around £1.8 billion of philanthropic capital.

  • What is the process to set up a charity?

    Some of the most common things to think about when setting up a UK charity are:

    • Step 1: decide if a charity is the right option for you
    • Step 2: create a clear purpose for your charity
    • Step 3: select the right charity structure
    • Step 4: complete the governing document
    • Step 5: research and decide on the best name for your charity
    • Step 6: research and source charity trustees
    • Step 7: source and create funds for your charity work
    • Step 8: Discuss the above with an expert consultant

    Find out more from our article How to start a charity.


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