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How funders can help strengthen small charities. Findings from the CAF Resilience programme.

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The CAF Resilience Programme 

Small charities are often only funded to deliver projects. Securing the type of investment needed to step back from the day-to-day work and focus on strategy is difficult.

Yet this is what’s needed for focusing on, protecting and strengthening small charities’ long-term organisational resilience – and ultimately increasing their impact. So how can we, as a sector and as funders, ensure charities receive the funding needed to build resilience?

The Creating Resilience report encompasses rich and valuable learnings from our CAF Resilience Programme. The pilot project examined what resilience could mean for ten small charities, how resilience funding can be structured, and the impact it can have. Our findings detail key recommendations for the sector and for funders in doing more to support small charities in planning for the long-term, so they can continue delivering vital services for their communities.
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Read the report to learn more about

  • The CAF Resilience programme and its achievements
  • The journeys of our ten charities: what changes were achieved and why
  • What we learned and what needs to happen next, including our recommendations
    for funders and philanthropists
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Next Steps For Funders 

If there are charities you are supporting that you feel could benefit from focusing on their resilience, CAF is here to help.

Using the experience gained from running this programme, alongside other work, our Charity Advisory team can help the charities you fund become more resilient by providing them with tailored advice and a bespoke programme of support.

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Creating resilient charities

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