Supporting good charity governance

One of the key takeaways from our Charity Landscape Report 2022 was the need for charities to invest in resilience measures such as good governance and leadership, digital transformation and staff development.

Whether you're just starting out as a trustee, or already have experience leading a charity, our resources can help you secure a successful future for your organisation. We have recently partnered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to produce a unique insight into the outlook for charity trusteeship. Our research report: What's on the horizon for charity trustees?, examines the challenges currently facing charities and trustees. 

Resources on Governance and Resilience

From charity fundraising to financing the future, our tools, guides and webinars can help you to lead a resilient and effective organisation.

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Creating Resilience

Find out what resilience could mean for small charities, how resilience funding can be structured and the impact it can have.

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Financing the Future

Everything you need to know about repayable finance and how charities are using this form of funding to reach their goals.

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Fundraising Fundamentals


Fundraising Fundamentals

Our four-part fundraising guide will help you put the foundations in place for an effective and successful fundraising strategy.

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UK Giving

Discover insight into donor behaviour, key issues affecting charities and responses to significant UK events.

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Governance reviews

Our strategic consultancy team highlight three potential governance pitfalls that charity boards should avoid.

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Encouraging young trustees

Only 2% of charities currently have a young trustee. We created this Young Trustee Guide to try and address this trend.

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Resources on Adaptability

Have you explored our Charity Adaptability resource hub? You’ll find tools, videos and expert guidance to help your charity to adapt and thrive.

Financial resilience

Strengthen your financial resilience to help future-proof your organisation

Effective fundraising

Optimise your fundraising potential with our expert advice and resources

Connect and engage

Build the connections to strengthen your charity and the sector as a whole