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Countless charities are experiencing funding and operational challenges at the moment. Despite this, many are showing resilience and innovation in the way they raise funds and deliver services for their beneficiaries.

As your charity enters the most challenging period in living memory, you'll need to quickly adapt. From adopting new fundraising tactics to managing your key stakeholders digitally, there are ways to ensure your charity can carry on supporting its beneficiaries. Now and in the future.

Watch the session and discover the latest insight from CAF's Research Team, into what the polling says about charities and donors during the crisis. You'll hear about ways to manage your charity during  COVID-19:

  • Identifying levers of change for your charity
  • Responding to the needs of communities
  • Re-imagining what recovery could look like

Resources and hand-outs

This session featured exclusive research from the CAF Research Team. If you want to learn more (or you missed the session) access the resources below:

Keen for more? Watch our webinar on how charities and donors are reacting to COVID-19.

Meet your experts

  • Anisha Chaudhuri

    Anisha Chaudhuri

    Senior Manager, Advisory and Business Development
    Anisha leads the Charities Advisory team at CAF and works closely with charities to spearhead change within communities. She joins the webinar with a background in international development, grant management and not-for-profit strategy. 
  • Susan Pinkney

    Susan Pinkney

    Head of Research

    Susan is responsible for leading world class research projects, alongside Ben, like the World Giving Index and UK Giving, the largest annual survey into giving in Britain. An experienced commentator, well versed in making the complex simple and drawing sharp insights from data, Susan brings opinion to life.

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