How it works

When M&S launched their Sparks loyalty card, they were determined to go the extra mile and empower their customers to make a real difference.

In less than four years, through this scheme M&S has donated over £5million through CAF for good causes. Customers who sign up to the Sparks card can choose one charity to support, generating a 1p donation from M&S each time they use their card. They can also log into their Sparks account to check how much has been donated to charities overall, and the impact the funds are making. 

The programme allows for shoppers to select one of ten charities which represent a diverse set of organisations and issues. By incorporating charity giving into an everyday rewards card, the scheme enables customers to take quick action and make a long-lasting impact for causes close to their hearts.

The impact M&S has achieved through their customers

Essential support

Macmillan was able to provide essential medical, emotional and practical support to 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK today.

Vital work to UK seas

Since 2011, M&S customers raised over £125,000 for the Marine Conversation Society, funding vital work to ensure UK seas are full of life.

Helping women

For every £10 raised with Sparks cards, Oxfam can bring clean water to 10 people. It also cuts the hours that women, in particular, spend on fetching water – time better spent on education, earning a living or growing crops.

What M&S said about CAF’s part in the programme 

“We’ve had positive feedback from customers about the charity activation being a good motivator for using the Sparks loyalty cards. CAF’s strong integrity and efficiency of managing and moving large donations drove us to partner with them. We just make regular payments to our CAF Company Account and they manage the rest, making sure the donations reach the right charities chosen by each individual customer – all £5million of it in less than four years”. 

CAF’s strong integrity and efficiency of managing and moving large donations drove us to partner with them

Jo Daniels Senior Sustainable Business and Partnerships Manager, Marks and Spencer

Why we're proud 

We’re proud to partner with M&S in helping their customers connect to causes they care about through Sparks. Our giving vehicles are designed to help our clients make the most of consumer and employee engagement whilst simultaneously creating a positive brand experience and delivering social impact. Our ambition is to help even more companies to build customer loyalty and connect consumers with causes. 

How we work with our clients 

Engaging your consumers

We give your customers the chance to engage with your brand and ‘feel good’ by shopping with you.

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Brands of the future are built on community engagement. Find out how we can help you add the 'feel good' factor in your buyer experience.

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A family meal at the local pub tastes even better when you know it helps a good cause.

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