What is corporate giving?

Corporate giving describes the donations made by public and private corporations towards charitable causes. This can be in the form of voluntary cash or in-kind gifts to a charity or community organisation. It can also include matched employee funding, employee volunteering and the management costs incurred from supporting community initiatives.

Corporate giving giving takes many forms and there is not a universally accepted definition. However, the Business for Social Impact (B4SI) Framework, formerly known as the London Business Group (LBG) model, is a robust measurement standard that is commonly used by companies to understand the difference their contributions make to their business and society.

Corporate philanthropy is a powerful tool for driving sustainability. Businesses increasingly have a wider influence and reach than many public sector bodies, and those that embrace corporate giving are becoming best practice role models within their own sectors and beyond.

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Why do companies give to charity?

By engaging in corporate giving, businesses can drive tangible societal change in cause areas that mean the most to their stakeholders.

Effective corporate giving generates maximum impact for both society and business.

Companies are able to make a big difference on a national scale, but they can also realise the benefits of helping the local community and there is a clear demand for action from consumers.

69% of the public believe businesses have an obligation to support the local communities in which they operate*.

Corporate giving is a great way to demonstrate to the public, stakeholders and employees that you’re a company that cares and can be trusted.

It allows companies to build a stronger relationship with customers – and even gain new ones. 56% of people are more inclined to buy products or services from a business that donates to charitable causes*.

Philanthropic companies look beyond profit and try to build a more positive, attractive and engaging workplace.

There is a clear business case for corporates engaging in charitable giving, with 47% of people saying they’d be more inclined to work for a business if it donates to charitable causes.

* Polling research amongst 1,007 adults aged 16+ across the UK, with YouGov between 14 – 23 December 2022

Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100

We launched our Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 2023 report. The report finds that companies gave £1.85 billion to charities last year, significantly less than the £2.51 billion they gave a decade ago.

The report also sheds light on sector specific trends, responses to Covid-19, the impact of inflation and public perceptions of giving by the FTSE 100. It features companies leading the way and provides recommendations on how the corporate world can show a consistent commitment to society.

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CAF Company Account

A strategic, tax-effective giving solution to manage local and global community investment.

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CAF Give As You Earn

The UK’s market leading Payroll Giving scheme provides a tax-effective way for your employees to donate.

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How we support businesses to drive change

We believe the best work is done in partnership. Our team work closely with businesses to support and empower the delivery of impactful corporate responsibility and community programmes in the UK and globally. Here are a few stories of how, together, we have turned corporate purpose and ambition into action.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering: Breaking down barriers together

Helping Spirax-Sarco Engineering achieve and measure the impact of their newly established Education Fund

BNP Paribas UK: Collaborating for impact

How we supported BNP Paribas UK to collaborate on sustainability education in disadvantaged communities.

AstraZeneca: Partnering to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals

How AstraZeneca have reached 12m+ young people in tackling non-communicable diseases with our grantmaking and verification support.

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