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Your corporate giving will always make a difference to the causes you support. But by giving through a CAF Company Account you can make your giving count to both charities and your company in a simple, safe and strategic way. Here’s how:


Let’s face it, time is precious and you want to get on with giving – which is the fun part.  A CAF Company Account makes the administration of your community investment budget simple because you can:

  • donate anytime to the charitable organisation of your choice in a way that suits you – including online.
  • adapt it to suit your community investment needs, including grant-making.
  • link it to our CAF Matched Giving and CAF Give As You Earn schemes, combining the management of your company’s charitable giving in one location
  • easily make your company giving tax-effective - payments into a CAF Company Account are considered a charitable donation, so you only have to record one donation to reduce your corporation tax.

We also make counting, tracking and reporting on your company’s charitable giving simpler by sending you regular statements and providing online access to downloadable reports.


Knowing that your company’s donations and reputation are safe is priceless. Giving through CAF - an independent and trusted brand - offers you that security. With a CAF Company Account you can:

  • safely donate to any charitable organisation around the world. We validate all organisations, giving you the comfort of knowing your donations are going to count to genuine charitable causes.
  • strengthen the legitimacy and perception of your programme amongst your peers by working with CAF.


A strategic community investment programme which is aligned to your business objectives can take time to develop, but will have a greater impact on charities and your company. With a CAF Company Account you can:

  • hold all or part of your company’s community investment budget in one transparent location until you have developed the right strategy for your company.
  • deduct your budget from your corporation tax as soon as you make a payment in, because the money is ring-fenced for charitable activity.
  • spread your charitable donations across tax years, giving you the time to make your corporate giving count 

If you need support to develop your strategy, advice on creating sustainable business-charity partnerships or help to integrate your community investment programme into your business, contact our expert advisors.

A CAF Company Account makes your giving count and makes it easy to count your giving.

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Make the most of your CAF Company Account

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Make your corporate giving count

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