CAF Staff Charity Fund

The CAF Staff Charity Fund gives your employees control of their charitable giving by providing a way to pool their CAF Give As You Earn donations. Funds can then be distributed to their charities of choice by direct donation or CAF voucher.

The CAF Staff Charity Fund is free to set up and simple to administer, as fees can be taken from the donations paid into the fund. The fund can be used in conjunction with CAF Matched Giving and theCAF Company Fundraising Account.

We’ll validate the charities your employees choose to donate to, whether in the UK or overseas, so that you can feel confident that funds are going to legitimate organisations.

Key benefits of the CAF Staff Charity Fund:

For your organisation

  • unites employees across your organisation and focuses their giving
  • makes your organisation attractive to prospective employees
  • generates positive publicity for your organisation and its Corporate Social Responsibility activities
  • builds employees’ engagement with your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • the ability to report transparently on your employees’ donations

For your employees

  • ensures that employees feel valued
  • makes them feel as if they have a direct impact on their community
  • can help team-building and personal development

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