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You can play a part in helping to fund COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries that need vaccines the most.

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Together, we can secure a Covid-free future for all 

Go Give One is a COVID-19 campaign that reaches beyond borders. Launched by the WHO Foundation, Go Give One calls on everyone, everywhere to play their part in helping to vaccinate the world.

Donations raised through Go Give One go to an international financial mechanism called COVAX Advanced Market Commitment (AMC), which buys COVID-19 vaccines for the world, prioritising those who need them the most, in countries that cannot afford them.The Charities Aid Foundation is partnering with the WHO Foundation to help buy vaccines for people around the world, regardless of where they live or their personal situation.

By donating to Go Give One through CAF, UK taxpayers eligible to claim Gift Aid can increase the value of each donation, delivering even more life-saving vaccines to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

A £20 donation will secure the gift of a vaccine for 5 people and with added Gift Aid it can secure one more!

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Addressing a global vaccine equity gap

Vaccines can provide a pathway out of this crisis but only if they are accessed by all.

Currently, 16% of the global population have secured over 60% of the global vaccine supply.

With a small number of rich countries rolling out the majority of doses, many countries are being left behind. As the quickest route to recovery, people-powered vaccines can pave the way for everyone, everywhere to be vaccinated.

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KEY Questions answered 

  • As an individual donor, what can I do to help?
    Go Give One is asking individuals to donate £4 for a single vaccine for those in countries who cannot afford them. The campaign's aim is to get 50 million people to take part with a funding goal of circa $500 million. Funds raised, through an international financial mechanism called COVAX AMC, will finance COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries, helping protect vulnerable communities who need vaccines the most, through an international financial mechanism called COVAX AMC. Governments are giving money to COVAX AMC, but it is simply not enough to end the pandemic. This is why the WHO Foundation created the Go Give One campaign and why every individual donation will make a difference. 

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  • Who is behind this campaign?
    Go Give One was created by the WHO Foundation, which was established to create new ways for individuals and businesses to invest in the health of our collective world. As a non-profit grant-making foundation working together with donors, world health professionals and the WHO network, the foundation aims to create partnerships that drive innovative actions to address the most pressing health challenges of today and tomorrow. 
  • How is this campaign different to others helping to tackle COVID-19?
    This is a campaign with no borders, allowing individuals anywhere in the world to fund COVAX AMC directly.

    The campaign is supported by both global and national partners, including CAF, reflecting the way COVID-19 has been experienced at a very local level, while also providing a global solution - through COVAX AMC, that we can all share in and benefit from.

  • What is COVAX and the COVAX AMC?
    COVAX is the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, a ground-breaking global collaboration to accelerate the development, production, and equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines.

    It is co-led by GAVI (the Vaccine Alliance), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), alongside key delivery partner UNICEF. Through Gavi’s innovative financing instrument, the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC), 92 lower-income economies will receive access to donor-funded COVID-19 vaccines through COVAX at the same time as 98 higher-income, self-financing countries receive their doses.

    For more information on One World Protected, the fundraising campaign of the Gavi COVAX AMC click here

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