Ukraine one year on: Giving with impact webinar

More than a year since Russia’s full invasion, the effect on Ukraine’s people and scenes of devastation continue to shock the world. This webinar will be a deep dive into how donors can ensure the greatest impact with their giving in support of Ukraine and its refugees.

Join speakers from the Zagoriy Foundation in Ukraine, BCause in Bulgaria and the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland as they share their insight into the situation on the ground, how they have been reacting to the challenges and how localised giving can be transformative. With the effects of the crisis likely to be long lasting, hear first-hand how donors can continue to support charities as they work through the implications.
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International giving with CAF

International philanthropy at Charities Aid Foundation encompasses the donations received via our giving vehicles, services and partnerships that are granted to not-for-profit organisations based outside of our operating countries (UK, US and Canada). 

Our combination of advice, due diligence and experience allows donors to move funds across borders – ensuring they are disbursed safely – anywhere in the world.

Our international network of partners – independent, locally-led organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy – helps us facilitate flexible cross-border giving at the highest standards of regulatory compliance. 

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CAF’s global reach and expertise

Shared knowledge & advisory support
Local expertise
Expedited grantmaking partnerships
Global giving solutions

Our focus

 As more people look to give internationally, we're here to help. 

We ensure donations stay secure, cost-effective, and where possible tax advantaged. Our verification service ensures funds go to genuine causes and stay compliant with UK (HMRC), US and Canadian rules on foreign donations. As the only organisation of our scale and level of expertise to manage donations to overseas non-profits, we ensure the highest standards of regulatory compliance, reducing risk to the reputation of our donors.

We enable donors to make strategic, impactful gifts to any qualifying non-profit overseas, raise funds across the US, Canada, UK and EU, or build up a foundation or trust in the most efficient way. Via CAF group you can reduce risk, reputation exposure, and the costs and administration usually associated with cross-border giving.

Powering world giving

The CAF Network is a global collaboration of trusted partners made up of fully independent, robust organisations who share CAF’s mission to accelerate progress towards a fair and sustainable future for all.

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Give anywhere safely

CAF group enables individual and corporate donors from the UK, USA and Canada to make tax-effective strategic, impactful gifts to carefully validated charities, social enterprises and charitable projects on a global scale.

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Emergency response

Through our work with companies, private philanthropists, fellow foundations, governments, charities and not-for-profit enterprises we are uniquely placed to help donors support charities tackling emergencies, disasters and humanitarian crises. 

Our independence, expertise and international reach ensure charitable donations are safely disbursed where they are needed. 

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Philanthropy Week - 12 December

Philanthropy Week is a celebration of cross-border giving and draws together leading voices from civil society from our international network for a dedicated week of knowledge sharing. 

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Our reach and impact 

We're proud to help our clients support thousands of amazing organisations and individuals around the world every year. Learn how we work closely with individual donors, corporates and foundations to make a real impact across the world.

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Meet the team

CAF’s International team works across the group to connect the CAF Network partners, encourage collaboration, and ultimately enable and grow cross-border giving.

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