Collaborating with international partners

CAF Group (CAF UK, CAF America and CAF Canada) partners with a growing number of independent, philanthropic organisations to help expand cross-border giving and philanthropic activity around the world, and help tackle a range of issues affecting their regions.

These trusted, locally-led organisations work at the forefront of philanthropy and help us facilitate flexible cross-border giving at the highest standards of regulatory compliance. They are able to offer on-the-ground expertise and local knowledge to ensure all donations are delivered with the greatest impact.

 CAF's international partnerships and activities are based on three core objectives:


Building our reach

We aim to increase our international reach, continue to manage risk effectively and operate to the highest regulatory standards.

Increasing impact

We ensure donations have greater impact by drawing on our local expertise and global best practice.

Amplifying local voices

We amplify the voices of our high-profile local philanthropy experts and the work our partners do locally and globally.

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Our growing network is underpinned by collaboration. We offer access to an array of services and expertise from across the CAF group and international charities, and we collaborate through joint thought leadership, research, business development and advocacy activities.

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Our partners

We work with a variety of partners to grow cross-border giving. 

CAF Network

We partner with independent organisations to increase the impact of international donations.

Membership bodies

We work with international membership bodies to enable safe and effective cross-border giving.

TGE Network

We work with Transnational Giving Europe to facilitate secure donations into and across 21 countries in Europe.

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