It can be difficult to know where to begin when you're thinking about how to make the most from your giving. Our FAQs can help you get started.
  • Should I give my money to small or large charities?

    Charities use your money in different ways and have different operating models through which they can best achieve their mission.

    Some clients choose to give to large charities because they believe these organisations are best placed to solve social problems at scale or to develop innovative models, for example.

    Others choose to give to small charities who they can see making a difference in their local community or on a less well-known cause. We won’t tell you the right way to give, but we’ll help you decide what matters to you and how you can make sure you’re making a real difference.

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  • What is impact and why is it important?
    Impact is increasingly becoming a focus for charitable organisations – both determining what impact means in their context, how best they can measure it and what it means for shaping the future of their work. Many charities already have a way of measuring their impact (which they might do differently to respond to different income streams), and many more have an ambition to do so.

    We’ll help you work out what impact means to you and how you’ll know you’re making it in a way that is right for both you and the charities you give to.
  • When is it worth investing in expert consultancy?
    If you want to maximise the value of your money going to charity and be confident you’re having an impact, then investing in a thoughtful approach to your giving will pay dividends for both you and your recipient charitable organisations.

    We can support you in a number of ways and offer a bespoke, flexible service delivered by our trusted team of philanthropy advisers.

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