US-UK dual taxpayer benefits

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If you are an individual paying tax in the UK and US and looking for a smart, tax effective way to achieve greater impact with your philanthropy, we can help.

Through our CAF American Donor Fund* you can:

  • Claim Gift Aid in the UK, increasing the value of your donation by 25%
  • Claim UK tax relief (at 40% or 45% rates of tax) and get a tax deduction in the US
  • Make gifts from the Fund to charitable organisations anywhere in the world, provided these are of good repute and either are already recognised or are capable of being recognised as charitable under UK and US law.
  • Distribute your money by making single or regular donations to the Fund, or by opening a Donor Advised Account (£5,000 minimum) or a Donor Advised Trust (£100,000 minimum) which allows donations to charities from the income and capital of an invested fund
  • Top up the Fund with cash, shares, payroll giving schemes such as CAF Give As You Earn or legacies

This Fund is specifically set up to meet the needs of those who pay tax in both the UK and US.

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