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CAF American Donor Fund

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How transatlantic donors are continuing their generosity amidst the pandemic

As we look forward to the rest of the year and hopefully continued safer circumstances for ourselves and our loved ones, it is humbling to look back on the past year and reflect on the generosity of so many people. Our clients at CAF American Donor Fund – our unique giving vehicle that enables dual tax relief on the charitable giving of US/UK dual taxpayer donors – have made an enormous contribution to charitable causes around the world.

Despite the challenging economic circumstances and uncertainty facing many, our clients maintained their support for organisations making a real impact; we have helped clients donate to Covid relief efforts across the world, whether that be support for vaccine research in the face of the initial pandemic response or more recently urgent healthcare in India.

Importantly, clients have also continued supporting the causes they are most passionate about, funding that continues to be more critical than ever as charities face sharp loss of income from fundraising events and other in-person opportunities. Our clients have supported arts organisations, cancer research, climate change efforts and education in developing countries, just to name a few. These organisations need our help now more than ever, in order to not only survive but to continue their unique and vital work under challenging circumstances.

CAF American Donor Fund is a dual registered charity in the US and the UK. Donations made into CAF American Donor Fund are tax-effective in both the US and the UK, and grants can then be recommended by you to non-profit causes around the world. Our expert team work with you to support and facilitate giving to the organisations that you care most about, and we take care of the regulatory responsibilities and due diligence of causes so that you can focus on the part you enjoy most – giving and supporting worthy organisations and initiatives.

Our team are ready to help. Please get in touch for an initial conversation if you are paying tax in both the US and the UK and would like to find out more about dual tax relief on your charitable giving.

For more information about the CAF American Donor Fund, please visit: www.cafonline.org/cadf or email: cadf@cafonline.org

This article has been originally published in American in Britain magazine Summer 2021 issue.