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The turbulent economic climate and cuts in government spending have increased the pressure on small and medium sized charities as they respond to ever-increasing demand for their services. To address this need, we have launched CAF Resilience, a new pilot programme.

CAF Resilience is an exciting opportunity for private clients to partner with us and donate to support small charities.

  • New three year pilot initiative to enable donations from private clients [through their CAF Charitable Trust or CAF American Donor Fund] to make a sustained and meaningful impact on small and medium sized charities in the UK.
  • We're identifying charities that are great at what they do, but need support to ensure they are able to continue to deliver vital services to their communities for years to come.
  • Up to ten charitable organisations whose work has an 'early action' (problem prevention) focus will receive financial and professional support for up to two years.
  • Each charity will receive up to £15,000 worth of bespoke expert advice, training and support and up to £50,000 in grant funding each year. 

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I donated to CAF Resilience [through my CAF Charitable Trust] as it is a unique opportunity to be involved in this type of programme, with the potential for significant positive change for the charity sector. It was very easy and hassle-free to donate - my Private Client Manager arranged everything.

Paul Fry, CAF Private Client


Help charities grow stronger

Invest in the future of great charities, which already show potential and deliver valuable work, to achieve greater social impact.

Join a new donor community

Connect with other CAF private clients who are looking to make their money go far and engage with the learning from this programme.

Influence sector change

Steer the charity sector with the opportunity to join CAF Resilience's advisory board and receive updates on the charities' journeys.

Beth Clarke

Programme Manager, CAF Resilience

"I am delighted to have joined CAF as the CAF Resilience Programme Manager. This is an exciting pilot initiative with the potential to make a difference to the charitable sector. By providing grant funding alongside advice, we will enable charities to free up their ability to make the most of the support they receive."

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  • What kind of organisations will my donation support?
    Registered UK charities and community interest companies that have an annual income of between £250,000 and £1.5million and are working in early action (problem prevention) in the UK. We are hoping to represent a range of charities on the programme, we're not focussing on one type of charitable activity.
  • How rigorous is the selection process?

    Charities submitted an initial expression of interest. Following this, applications were reviewed by the advisory board and those shortlisted had a phone call with us, submitted a range of documents (including annual reports, accounts and a breakdown of how they would use the grants) and then received a half-day visit from the CAF team. This included an interview with the charity's CEO and chair of Trustees as well as a visit to see their work in action.

  • How will I know which charities my donation has supported?

    We’ll share information about which charities are on the programme and about their journey throughout the next two years. However, you are not able to specify which individual charities your donation goes to. Your donation will allow us to learn what charities need, encourage other major donors to give in this way and drive what CAF can do to support the small to medium charity sector as a whole.

  • Will my donation have long term impact?

    Yes, your donation will be used to directly support the ten charities, which are already making a great impact but need support to ensure that they continue to deliver high quality services to beneficiaries for years to come. Your donation will also enable valuable insight and learning to be developed, which will help to steer and influence the charity sector.


  • Will you monitor what the grant funding is spent on?

    Yes, as part of the interview, we have agreed with the charity how they will use the grant funding and they will periodically be required to show evidence of the expenditure.

  • Why are you looking for charities with an 'early action' focus?

    We’re looking for organisations that can demonstrate their main purpose is to prevent a problem. They must be able to show that their work follows a clear objective to intervene in a situation to stop something occurring in the first place.

    Early Action sets out to answer the question: "how do we build a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than one that, as now, copes with the consequences?" We’re aware that charities working in this preventative space can find that some donors view their cause as less urgent. We feel that this fits well with the focus of CAF Resilience which is about focussing on the long term.       

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