Why create a grant?

If you regularly donate large sums of money, but want to make a lasting difference to charities and those they support, a grant is a way to make good things happen.

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to use your funds to tackle an issue close to your heart. Or maybe something in your life has prompted you and your family to think about setting up a grantmaking programme, to help others.

Whatever your motivation, we can help.

What we do

We’re one of the few providers of a full grantmaking service. With our expertise in designing and running transformational grant programmes for a range of donors, we can support you – whatever you need.

Expertise and experience

We have more than 70 years’ experience running and advising on grant programmes for donors and companies

We can help you get it right

With so many issues to address, we help you to make the right decisions to get your grantmaking right.

Measurable impact

We can help you define clear objectives and goals and how to measure the impact of your grants

How we work with you

Our process ensures that your grant programme is easy to set up and has a real impact.

  • We’ll work with you to agree the issues you want to address, and the impact you want to have.
  • From this, we’ll develop a grantmaking process and agree measurable targets so you can see the impact.
  • We can also help you manage the grant programme, including governance, ensuring that due diligence is carried out, vetting applicants and reviewing applications.

Frequently asked questions

  • I’m looking for a grant to fund my course or research – who should I contact?

    Any open grant programmes will be listed on our Getting a grant page. If you need more information, please contact us on 03000 123 334.

  • Can I run a grantmaking programme myself?

    You can, but we have tried and tested ways of helping clients develop and run grant programmes.

    By asking us to do this for you, it reduces the admin burden on you. We can use our networks to target organisations or run reactive programmes, ensuring that you review only the applicants who’ll meet your objectives.

    We can also measure the impact your programme is making within the sector.

  • We get inundated with requests for funding – how can you help me deal with these?

    Our team can free you from admin tasks such as dealing with enquiries, reviewing applications against your criteria and making payments.

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Why do small charities need your help?

Recent research shows that that demand for services has increased for four out of five organisations in the last year.

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Make more of your giving at bonus time

If you’ve been given a bonus this year, you may be wondering how you can make an impact on the causes you care about.

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We offer a range of products and services to help you get the most out of giving.

Expert consultancy

We work with you to create a real difference because we know – when it’s done well – giving can create a real positive change.

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