Whatever its size, a charity’s most important need is finance - donations and resources that enable them to provide their services to whomever needs them.

However, the last few years of austerity and subsequent Government cuts have hit the charity sector particularly hard. Not only have funding grants been cut, donations from the general public have also decreased as people find themselves with less money after they have paid out for the essentials. Recent research into the social landscape shows that that demand for services has increased for four out of five organisations in the last year with only one in seven Chief Executives feeling completely confident that they will be able to manage an increase in services.

This all comes at a time when, for many charities, their services are more in demand than ever before. The balance of ensuring that there is sufficient funding coming in to enable the support and resources to continue is an ongoing daily struggle.

This is where long-term funding - donations which are paid regularly on a monthly or bi-monthly basis - can help. By knowing what money will come in and when, charities can make more confident decisions about the services they can provide.


Here at CAF, we’re running CAF Resilience, a pilot programme which enables individuals, currently donating through their CAF Charitable Trust or CAF American Donor Fund, to provide vital and much-needed support to small and medium-sized charities which focus on ‘early action’ (problem prevention).

We’ve identified small charities which are great at what they do, but struggle in terms of securing long-term funding and intend to provide them with up to £50,000 grant funding each year. They’ll also get up to £15,000 of expert advice to help them review how they generate income and be confident they’re on the path towards a resilient future.

CAF Resilience is a great way for you to get involved in something new and know that your funds are having a direct impact on charities who might otherwise be struggling for survival. In addition, you could also choose to join the CAF Resilience Advisory Board and shape the way this scheme grows and develops, and will prosper in years to come.

By supporting an initiative such as CAF Resilience, your money will have more of an impact, so get in touch with us today to find out more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you make the most of your giving, either through CAF Resilience, or by developing your own grantmaking plans, please contact Beth Clarke, Programme Manager, on 03000 123 275.


CAF Charitable Trust

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Building a resilient charity sector

Beth Williams, CAF Resilience Manager, talks about helping small charities to weather the storms.

Building the resilience of charities

CAF Resilience is a pilot programme to test out how we at CAF, and others in the charity and voluntary sector, can help small charities to be more resilient.