Sometimes it takes personal experience to understand the impact that small local charities and community groups can have on people.

And thanks to a generous CAF Legacy donor, a total of £4.5million has been awarded as grants to organisations that may have otherwise been overlooked by major funders.

It all started with a Letter of Wishes from the donor that read: “I have received assistance from some local charities and would wish charities in this area to benefit along with others of your choice.”

CAF’s Legacy and Grantmaking teams began to establish what that could mean and how to best fulfil that wish.  


The teams established certain criteria and worked together to launch a grantmaking programme, the CAF Tourle Foundation Fund, to benefit small organisations across the UK.

From helping to buy new camping equipment for scouts to providing access to sensory spaces for children with autism, as well as supporting a wide range of additional charitable causes, the grants have been able to achieve remarkable results for organisations and their local communities.

Speaking about the process, Monica Brown, Head of Charity Advisory and Programmes at CAF, said: “Our main mission all along has been to ensure we do our best by the donor, who expressed gratitude for the amount of help and support he received from local charities.” 

Families Affected by Autism
Images: Families Affected by Autism (FABA) 


To fulfil the donor’s wishes, the Legacy and Grantmaking teams decided that the organisations applying for grants would be eligible for a maximum of £5,000 in funding.

To qualify, it was agreed that they should work in just one community and receive less than £100,000 in yearly income (at the time of applying). 

One of the organisations to benefit has been Families Affected by Autism (FABA), a recently formed parent led support group. Funding was awarded to enable them to run a weekly support group for families in Fife who are affected by autism and related conditions. This will provide opportunities for families to access sensory equipment and a sensory garden area.

Another organisation to benefit from the programme includes the 25th Peterborough (Paston) Scout Group, who were awarded funding to purchase new camping equipment in order for all to be able to take part. 

By helping fund such projects, CAF’s Legacy and Grantmaking teams are pleased that the Tourle Foundation Fund has been able to honour the donor’s wishes by bringing their personal experience full circle and giving back to organisations that deliver invaluable help to individuals and local communities.

If you would like to discuss leaving a CAF Charitable Legacy, please contact our Legacy team on 03000 123 108.

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