Since 2005, we've partnered with The Sunday Times to produce the Giving List, part of the annual Rich List, which celebrates the incredible work of philanthropists in Britain. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on our way of life, the global economic situation and not least for the UK Charity Sector whose role is more important than ever. With charities facing a grave future, philanthropy has in our living memory never had a more important role supporting the fabric that holds society together.

This special edition of The Sunday Times Giving list will give an insight into the top 200 philanthropists in the UK but also a separate section that chronicles gifts or pledges in the past few weeks for Coronavirus - whether for PPE, vaccine research, economic relief.

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Top of the Giving List is Lord Sainsbury, an active philanthropist supporting a range of arts, education, humanitarian and heritage causes. Ranked second is Dame Janet de Botton, the Chairman of the Wolfson Foundation as well as a Trustee of Tate and Chairman of the council of Tate Modern. Worth a special mention is Alisher Usmanov who has supported charities with nearly £300 million, focused on supporting  social, cultural, education, health and sport causes.

The huge contribution of Britain's philanthropists makes it possible for charities to do vital work which has a lasting impact, improving lives.

Mark Greer, Head of Private Clients Charities Aid Foundation


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