How can I donate overseas?

When you donate overseas, you want to be confident that your gift is going to a valid charitable project and that the money will be sent securely and used properly. There are two ways we can help you give money safely to international causes:

Give overseas through your CAF Account

How to give overseas through your CAF Charity Account or CAF Charitable Trust

Complete an overseas donation request for the charity you want to donate to. We’ll verify the charity for you, to make sure your donation is going to a legitimate project, and arrange for your donation to be paid to them.

There may be occasions when we’re not able to complete our verification process. In the event this happens, we’ll let you know so you can choose a different cause to support.

The minimum donation to an overseas organisation is £250. Fees may be applicable for international donations. Please see the CAF Charity Account fee schedule or the CAF Charitable Trust fee schedule for more details.

Don't have a CAF Charity Account or Charitable Trust?

CAF Charity Account

Take complete control over your everyday giving by choosing how and when you support the causes you care about. Learn more about donating with a CAF Charity Account.

CAF Charitable Trust

If you have more than £10,000 to give, a CAF Charitable Trust is the most flexible way to give to one – or many – causes. Learn more about a CAF Charitable Trust.

Give through transnational giving Europe

If the country you live in is a member of Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) you can make a donation to a charitable organisation in another member country, and take advantage of any tax relief in your country of residence.

A fee will be deducted from your donations depending on the value of the donation: 

   Value of donation  Contribution

Band 1
    The first 100,000 EURO


Band 2
    Amount between 100,000.01 and 250,000 EURO


Band 3
    Amount between 250,000.01 and 500,000 EURO


Band 4
    Amount between 500,000.01 and 2,000,000 EURO


Band 5
    Bespoke fees may apply on amounts over 2,000,000 EURO

To find out which countries take part, visit the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) website.

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