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Donate through CAF and with Gift Aid you could boost your donation by up to 25%. You can also donate anonymously and avoid further communications from the charitable organisations you give to.

Frequently asked questions

  • I can’t find my chosen charity in your charity search
    If you can’t find your chosen charity in our charity search, it may be that we don't hold their information online. Complete our online form to nominate a new charity.  We’ll validate your chosen charity and, if successful, you’ll be able to donate to them through our website.

    If your chosen charity is outside of the UK, donations can only be made if you’re a CAF Account holder. If you wish to nominate an overseas charity, please log into your account and select the ‘Donate overseas’ option.
  • Can I search by charity number?
    Yes – simply type the charity number into the ‘Charity Name’ box, then tick the ‘Search charity number or keywords’ box. Use our charity search.
  • Can I get tax relief on my “one-off” donation?
    Most types of donation through CAF can have Gift Aid claimed on them. When making a credit or debit card donation, you’ll be asked if you’d like us to claim the Gift Aid on it.

    If you’re eligible for Gift Aid, simply tick the ‘yes’ option and we’ll automatically claim the Gift Aid for you, and add it to your donation.

    If you have an account with us you can also claim Gift Aid on top-ups to your CAF Charity Account by logging in and updating your Gift Aid declaration.

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