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Our charity search function allows you to choose from virtually every registered charity in the UK, as well as other organisations such as community groups which have a recognised charitable purpose.

Simply type in a key word or two and/or the locality you are interested in, hit 'search' and you'll be provided with a list of organisations, any of which you can donate to instantly with a credit/debit card or a CAF Charity Account.

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Enter a charity name, charity number or other keyword you would like to search for,
we will display a list of all UK charities that match your search criteria,
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We've been supporting charities and donors for over 90 years, so whether you wish to give a little or a lot, we can help you find causes almost anywhere in the world, keep track of your donations and make a difference.

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Donating overseas

When donating to international causes, you want to be confident that your gift is going to a valid charitable project and that the money will be sent securely and used properly.

3 ways to connect with overseas projects