Sunday Times Giving List 2015

Who's made it onto
the Giving List this year?

The Sunday Times Giving List - produced in association with CAF - is the leading measure of giving by the super-rich in the UK.

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More donors giving more money

For the first time, The Sunday Times has tracked philanthropy from more than 300 of those who feature in the Rich List. This group gave £2.577bn in the past year alone - a new record - and their charities have more than £19bn at their disposal to spend in the future.

Lord David Sainsbury and family topped the Giving List for the second successive year

 with the biggest proportion of family wealth - 40.1% - given to charity. They also gave away the greatest sum - £203.2m over the past 12 months.

Elton John Circle

Thirteen years after our first publication, the total of people giving at least 1% of their residual wealth to charity stands at 106, also a new record.

Pop goes philanthropy...

Young people look up to celebrities and are heavily influenced by the things they say and do. So when pop stars put charity at the heart of what they do, they are sending out a powerful message.
One D circle

One Direction (pictured, right) gave more than £1.1m last year, including 50p from every ticket sold for their Where We Are world tour, raising £315,000 on its own. Coldplay gave £3.8m, including £1.45m to Kids Company, amounting to 1.82% of their wealth. While Rocket Man Sir Elton John (pictured, above) showed it's going to be a long, long time, before anyone knocks him off of the No 1 spot with £24.1m of giving amounting to just under 9% of his wealth.

...while others show they are good sports

They may be competitive on the football pitch or the putting green, but Steven Gerrard (pictured, left) and Louis van Gaal, Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose are united in philanthropy. Gerrard's foundation gave £500,000 to the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool last year, while van Gaal gave £600,000 to a spinal muscular atrophy charity he supports in the Netherlands. Rory put £1m into a children's cancer centre in Co. Down, while Justin Rose raised $600,000 for Blessings in a Backpack, a project to feed deprived children in America.

Everyone's a winner.

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The Sunday Times Giving List 2015

Produced in association with CAF, the list celebrates charity by highlighting some of the biggest gifts of the year.

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