The top 100 philanthropists in the UK*

At the Charities Aid Foundation, we are proud to partner with the Sunday Times on the Giving List, an initiative designed to stimulate philanthropy and shine a light on the good that can flow from wealth generation. 

The rise of eco-giving

Whether by making a donation to Extinction Rebellion or founding charities to influence public opinion and lobby governments, philanthropists on the Rich List are going green. For decades, higher education has been their cause of choice, but they are turning in growing numbers to address the biggest global challenge of all.

In a movement that spans the generations, the 21st edition of The Sunday Times Giving List tracks more eco-giving than any before it with some of the most high-profile philanthropists leading the way.
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*Ranked by the proportion of wealth given or generated for charity.

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The Sunday Times Giving List 2021

The top 200 philanthropists in the UK in 2021 and the leading Giving List donors of the past 20 years.