A new perspective on philanthropy

Dubbed the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’, £5.5 trillion is set to pass between generations within the next thirty years in the UK1.  As wealth increasingly passes to demographic groups with different perspectives, priorities and motivations to previous generations, professional advisers face changing client requirements and expectations.

Why this generation matters

The next generation are expected to be the most significant donors in history2.

They will receive unprecedented levels of financial resources through inheritance or gifts3

They are displaying new attitudes and priorities, including using money for good through investing and philanthropy4

Why their values matter

Research shows that millennials lean on their personal values when making decisions more than any other generation. This includes when it comes to consumer preferences, career decisions and investment options.

Why their attitudes to giving matters

The next generation wish to largely fund similar areas to their parents' generation, but it's how they approach their giving that differs.

They are committed and aspire to do more, but can struggle to engage more deeply due to overload, competing priorities on their finances, or fear of future financial uncertainty10.

Younger donors could benefit from trusted, expert advice to make the most of their giving.

Achieving real impact with their giving is what's important, rather than giving out of a sense of duty9.

This frames the approaches they take, i.e. being more hands-on, addressing local vs global causes, or funding systemic vs direct work.

They are more likely to use all tools at their disposal for giving, including social investing, impact investing, volunteering their time, talent and skills, and sharing their networks11.

They require a holistic giving strategy, not just advice on philanthropic vehicles and tax optimisation.

Many younger donors are eager to engage with their peers and form networks to share ideas or pool their funds.

They are keen to learn and find innovative ways to achieve impact.

Why all this matters to advisers

Understanding the goals, values and attitudes of the next generation can help form better client relationships and attract your future clients.

Take your philanthropy conversations further

How do you engage with your clients’ values and goals for charitable giving?

Do you truly understand how they want to make a difference? At the Charities Aid Foundation, we understand philanthropy. We have put together some key resources to help you talk to your clients about their giving. 

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The Giving Toolkit

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