Beth Diprose

Relationship Manager, Charities team

Charities Aid Foundation

My career with CAF: from Facilities to Charities


Where did you start in CAF? How have you progressed?

I joined CAF as an Administrator and Receptionist for our Facilities Team in 2015. During this time I learned about the great work we do in the charitable sector, and how we support our individual and corporate donors.

Later in 2015 I joined the Private Client team, supporting our major donors, and spent two years building up my knowledge and understanding of charitable giving. I was inspired not only by the generosity of our donors, but also by the wide range of charitable causes they were giving to.

In 2017, when an opportunity arose to work as a Relationship Manager in the Charities team, I applied straight away. The prospect of working with these causes even more closely was exciting!

What skills have you bought from your old role to your new one? 

Throughout my time at CAF, I’ve found that having a good knowledge of the charity sector is key. Only by understanding the challenges faced by donors and charities, can you begin to see how to make a real difference to your clients.

Listening and communicating effectively are skills which I’ve taken to my new role. It may sound simple, but it’s vital to be able to understand a charity’s needs from their point of view, without making assumptions.

What piece of advice would you give someone who wants a career with a charity?

There are so many great people working for charities who are only too happy to share their knowledge. So - if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Another key piece of advice is to never stop learning, especially from your colleagues and managers. I’ve always felt supported by the people around me, and this has helped me to feel confident in my career development.

So, if you see an opportunity that interests you - go for it! You’ll be surprised what you can achieve when you have genuine enthusiasm for the sector and to want progress.

What gets you excited about coming into work?

When people ask me this question the answer is always ‘Working with the amazing causes we support’.

I’m lucky enough to regularly meet charities of all shapes and size. The people I see are all working towards making our world a better place to live in. They never fail to motivate and inspire me to keep giving back.

Why not join us? Check out our vacancies page for roles in our Charities team.