Jana Potgieter

Growth and Engagement Manager, Corporate Client team

Charities Aid Foundation

My career with CAF: a brand new role to inspire corporate giving


How did you find out about this role?

The journey I took to my current role wasn’t traditional - in any sense!

One afternoon in September last year, my best friend called to catch up. During the conversation she told me that she felt so inspired after attending a conference in South Africa and meeting people from this amazing company called CAF Southern Africa. At the end of the conversation, she mentioned that CAF has an office in London and that I should take a look at what they do. While reading more about what we do, I saw the Growth and Engagement role. I knew that it was something I would enjoy doing.

What was your first impression of the culture here? 

Almost immediately, I found CAF really supportive. People are always ready to help and we play to each others’ strengths to get the best results. There’s a lot of opportunity for development and - especially within the Corporate Client team – there’s a big focus on growth, where people are encouraged to engage with what’s important to them.

Why is your role so crucial (to our success)?

The aim of this brand new role is to help our corporate clients inspire their staff to give through our payroll giving product, CAF Give As You Earn. It’s crucial to keep companies engaged with our products - and to keep reminding them of our role in their giving journey.

We play a really important role in civil society, and all our efforts are focussed on creating a bigger impact through bolder thinking. I think everyone who works here plays an important part in helping the organisation achieve its goal of making giving go further, which is how we ultimately measure success.

What's the most rewarding part of your job? 

I really love the fact that I have the freedom to be creative and help clients find different solutions based on their business and culture.

I think the most rewarding part of my job is inspiring clients. I help them to see the potential in their payroll giving scheme, and its true value in engaging their employees and making a positive difference to charities.

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