Dennis Wildman

Senior Web and Digital Manager, and member of the Manager's Network

Charities Aid Foundation

My career with CAF: being a part of the Manager's Network


What is the Manager's Network?

We're a group of senior staff that brings together collective ideas and feedback to make CAF better. We share brain power, experience and skills to help solve some of the challenges we - and other charities - are facing.

It starts with networking initiatives – bringing together our expertise and enthusiasm on topics we can influence. It ends with brilliant conversations that help shape the future of our organisation and how we can influence giving.

What topics have you discussed recently?     

Recently we’ve been discussing digital and what it means for our customers. For example, I had a great conversation with someone in our Charities team about how we need to support and plan for charities as they increasingly 'go digital’.

We discussed charities using Virtual Reality video to give donors an immersive experience so they can get a deeper understanding of their cause. Seems like it’s not really directly related to CAF, right? But what happens after they watch that video and have a strong emotional connection to the charity? They’ll want options to support the charity; and that’s where we can help.

Why is the Manager's Network important to us?        

There’s a lot of expertise at CAF. Connecting with each other lets us explore different perspectives and inspires us to progress ideas and thinking. Sometimes things can seem unlikely until you talk to someone with a different focus within CAF or even externally, as we did recently at an away day of brainstorming hosted at Google's London headquarters.

The Network also provides a support mechanism to our Executive and a voice for colleagues to share their opinions on what’s important and what can be improved.

Members of the Manager's Network
Members of the Manager's Network on an away day at Google, London

What roles do our values play in the Manager's Network?

Let’s take “flexibility” for example. Through the Managers Network we develop the connections to find solutions to some of our more complex problems. Sometimes the best solution requires an open mind and thinking that’s outside the box.

For support? Well, we can keep challenging managers to address some of the big issues around supporting and growing the culture of giving throughout the world.

You can discover more about our values and what we do by getting to know us.