The Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity (no.268369). Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of CAF and is required to comprise:

  • not less than eight Trustees appointed by resolution of the Trustees, and the Chairman of NCVO

The Board meets at least five times a year. All Trustees are non-executive and none of them receives remuneration from CAF. They are appointed for a term of three years and except for the Chairman of the NCVO, no Trustee may hold office for more than three consecutive terms. Our Declaration of Trust empowers the Trustees to take such steps as are necessary to achieve our objectives and make appropriate arrangements for the sound management of our organisation and activities.

The Trustees delegate management responsibilities to the Chief Executive and certain other functions to the sub-committees described below. Each sub-committee has specific terms of reference and a chairman appointed by the Trustees.

Our Patron is HRH The Duke of Edinburgh KG KT.


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