Charities Aid Foundation is a registered charity (number 268369) and is governed by a Declaration of Trust dated 2 October 1974 (as amended from time to time). Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the management of CAF and is required to consist of not less than eight Trustees appointed by resolution of the Trustees and the Chair of NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations).

The Board meets at least five times a year. All Trustees are non-executive and none of them receives remuneration from CAF. Trustees are appointed to hold office for a term of three years. Except for the Chair of NCVO, no Trustee may hold office for more than three consecutive terms. Newly appointed Trustees undertake a series of meetings with CAF’s senior management, which ensure that they gain a full understanding of CAF and their responsibilities.

The Trustees delegate management responsibilities to the Chief Executive and also delegate certain functions to the sub-committees described below. Each sub-committee has specific terms of reference and a chair appointed by the Trustees. Trustees strengthen the sub-committees by co-opting experts in the relevant field. This delegation is controlled by requiring regular reporting from the Chief Executive and the sub-committees to the Board of Trustees.

Our Patron: HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh KG KT (1921–2021)

CAF Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide a detailed analysis of our performance over the year together with a summary of our achievements over the range of activities we undertake.
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CAF Bank Annual Reports

Our CAF Bank annual reports include strategy, risk management reports and financial statements from CAF Bank.

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