Our Standards and Conduct Policy

Our commitment to you

We strongly believe that acting with integrity and maintaining the highest possible standards must be central to everything we do.

CAF expects staff to act with integrity and do the right thing.

Our Standards and Conduct Policy sets out how we operate and how we expect to treat customers and those we work with.

Our work is based on four principles:


We will:

  • treat you fairly, and with respect
  • listen to what you say and keep you informed
  • communicate clearly, and with integrity
  • ensure our business is resilient, safe and sound in the long term
  • keep your personal information confidential



We will:

  • help donors around the world to give effectively
  • support charitable organisations as they seek to improve lives



We will:

  • adapt to the needs of donors and charities
  • offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of charities and donors
  • develop new products and services to meet the needs of charities and the donors who support them.



We will:

  • do what we say and keep our promises
  • engage positively with others to create a positive environment for charities
  • share our insight and expertise to help policymakers, donors and charities


Download our Standards and Conduct Policy

If you have any questions or comments about our standards, please contact our Compliance team on 03000 123 000 or by email at enquiries@cafonline.org.


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