Royals inspire young people to give to charity

Royal support for charities plays a ‘crucial’ role in encouraging young people to give money to good causes, according to new research by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Figures released today show that about six million of us – one in eight people in the UK – say the patronage of a Royal makes them more inclined to give to a particular charity.

Their influence is most keenly felt among young people. Those aged between 18 and 24 are three times more likely to be persuaded to donate as a result of a Royal endorsement than pensioners. It’s a significant boost for charities, with younger people typically the age group least likely to donate money to good causes.

The Royals support more than 3,000 charities and the work they do for good causes is regarded by many as a key part of their role. One in three people (33%) said they believed it was the most important aspect of the Royal family’s role.

The poll, carried out by Populus on behalf of CAF to coincide with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, also suggests that the job of supporting charities is safe in the hands of younger members of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry – who helped set up the Invictus Games - is the Royal most likely to persuade people to give to a good cause, followed by Her Majesty the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The research found:

·         A fifth of 18-24 year olds (21% ) say they are more likely to give money to charity if a member of the Royal Family supports it, compared to 7% of those aged 65 and over;

·         Overall one in eight (12%) people in the UK, which equates to around six million people, say they are more likely to give money to charity if a member of the Royal family supports it;

·         A third of the population (33%) think that supporting charities is the most important part of the Royal Family’s role; more women than men think this (37% vs. 28%);

·         Two fifths of the population (39%) say that Royal support for good causes has helped them to hear about charities and appeals they might not have otherwise known about;

·         The Royals who are most likely to prompt people to donate to a charity they are involved with: Prince Harry (28%); The Queen (18%); The Duchess of Cambridge (16%); The Duke of Cambridge (10%); The Prince of Wales (5%)

·         The Queen has a greater effect on men than women: 22% of men say she is the Royal whose involvement is most likely to prompt them to donate compared to 14% of women. Women are more likely to donate to charities supported by the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

CAF, whose patron is HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, is one of the largest charitable foundations in Europe, helping people and businesses back good causes and supporting charities to make efficient use of their money. It works with 250,000 donors, 3,000 companies – including 66 of the FTSE 100 – and 50,000 charities.

John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation said:

“Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family do a huge amount to support good causes, befitting Britain’s reputation as one of the most generous nations in the world.

“They stand behind thousands of charities, from well-established charities to smaller organisations working in the heart of our communities.

“One of the challenges for charities in the UK is motivating young people to match the generosity of older generations. The Royals are playing a crucial role in helping to achieve just that.

“Royal patronage adds status to an organisation and participating in events can bring much needed publicity, especially to smaller charities. Many of us might not have heard of some remarkable charities the Royal Family supports if it were not for the fantastic work they do in supporting and promoting them. 

“CAF has greatly benefitted from the support of our Patron, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh over many years, and it is good to see the Royal Family continuing as a powerful advocate for the charities which are as important to Britain today as at any time in the past.”


1.       CAF’s latest UK Giving Report, published in May 2016 revealed that 44% of over 65s said they had given money to charity within the past month, compared with 23% of people aged 16 to 24.

2.       Populus surveyed 2109 people online between 18-19 May 2016.


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