2014 publications

Creating an Age of Giving: Conclusions from the Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry

Research published in 2012 showed that fewer households are giving to charity. We wanted to investigate the barriers that prevent people from giving, and find new opportunities that can make it easier for people to contribute.

In order to do this we established the Growing Giving Inquiry, a cross-party Inquiry that received evidence from a range of organisations with ideas for the future of giving in the UK.

The final report includes a number of exciting proposals designed to ensure that people of all ages are able to support charity, and that future generations grow up giving.

The Growing Giving Inquiry was chaired by Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, with Andrew Percy MP and Baroness Tyler of Enfield serving as co-chairs.

Over the course of a year, the Inquiry held three evidence sessions in Parliament featuring contributions from the likes of NUS, Google and BT. In addition, interested organisations were encouraged to submit written evidence to offer their thoughts on the future of giving.

The final report draws on evidence received over the previous year and proposes a number of recommendations targeted at a range of different audiences, including charities, businesses and government. Each is designed to make it easier for people to engage with and support the causes that they care about.

The report also focuses on the UK’s strong giving culture. We have a proud history of charitable giving that has served the test of time, and people in the UK are still extremely keen to give their time and money in support of others. This report and recommendations aims to build on existing enthusiasm and get more people involved with giving.

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