Charitable giving: Record £13.9 billion donated to charity last year

The UK Giving Report tells the story of charitable giving in 2023: although fewer people donated to charity compared to before the pandemic, some donors are giving larger amounts. Overall, the generous UK public donated an estimated £13.9 billion to charity last year – up 1.2 billion on 2022 – despite the financial pressures on households.

UK Giving reveals the country’s giving hotspots

Now in its 20th year, UK Giving has taken more than 13,000 responses collected from the public during 2023 and used a statistical model to project our results to all 650 UK parliamentary constituencies, revealing the country’s donor hubs for the first time. 
Our interactive map lets you explore these results, showing you how many people in your area donated in 2023, how much your local area donated as a whole, and how generous people in your area are – compared to local incomes.

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Key findings:

Three-quarters of people
supported charities last year

Donation levels have stabilised despite widespread pressure on household finances

The typical donation is £20

This has not changed for seven years, and would now be over £25 if it had kept up with inflation

Some of the least affluent areas are the most generous

Constituencies in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are also greatly over-represented in the country’s top 100 most generous places

We estimate there are one million super givers

Around a million people supported charities in all of these ways: donated, sponsored, volunteered, fundraised, and gave goods

£800m less went to overseas aid and disaster relief in 2023

The total amount going to overseas aid and disaster relief halved in 2023