About our Social Business Impact Programme

CAF Venturesome and Hatch Enterprise partnered to offer blended finance and business support to social businesses led by women of colour based in London. This pilot programme ran in 2022-23 and was funded by JPMorgan Chase, CAF and private donors.

The pilot programme was for female led social businesses that have a clear social or environmental impact mission and reinvest or donate their profits to make a positive social change.

The programme offers up to £70,000 per social enterprise in funding. This ‘blended finance’ investment includes:

  • up to £50,000 in zero-interest loans to be repaid over 5 years
  • a grant worth up to £20,000
  • opportunities to apply for further low interest loans worth up to £150,000

We continue to fundraise to take this programme all over the UK.
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Social businesses help tackle social problems, improve communities and individual lives, and positively impact the environment.

“In our 20th year of championing social investment, we’re excited to launch this programme specifically for social businesses run by women of colour, working with Hatch Enterprise and with the support of JPMorgan Chase. We know that minority-led businesses have historically struggled to access funding required to grow, so we’re looking forward to meeting a whole host of promising businesses and their leaders, and helping to increase their social impact.”

Neil Heslop OBE,
Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation

Meet our inspirational first cohort

Paula Bryan - Carers4Carers

Carers4Carers specialises in the wellbeing of unpaid carers. Its aim is to enable carers to feel as if they have choices and can lead a meaningful life of their own alongside and beyond their caring role.

Sukai Eccleston - CasildART 

CasildART was set up to address the lack of representation of Black artists by galleries/museums and provide opportunities for people with an African or Caribbean background to connect to their heritage and engage with the creative industries.

Doreen Sinclair-McCollin - Elevated Minds

Elevated Minds aims to tackle the disproportionate levels of Black and minority ethnic young people excluded from mainstream education or at risk of exclusion.

Jacy Stewart - For Business Sake 

For Business Sake’s social mission is to help make the social impact and investment sector workforce to become more just, diverse, equal and inclusive.

Sumera Kidwai - Kidwise

Kidwise’s social mission is to improve the employment chances of pupils post education, through science learning workshops where children and young people have a sense of true belonging, safe spaces to learn through trial and error and where children can challenge and motivate each other to achieve their full potential.

Thuta Khin - Leiho

Leiho’s social mission is to help improve the quality of life for homelessness and vulnerable communities, and inspire more simple acts of kindness through Leiho’s eco-conscious products. 

Pinky Miles - Off the Streets Less Heat 

Off the Streets Less Heat’s social mission is to influence, support and change young people's lives by raising aspirations and providing a platform that advocates for their interests and wellbeing. It believes that with the right support every young person can be enabled to reach their full potential. It aims to tackle systemic economic and social barriers to improve outcomes for young people and senior citizens that it supports

Korinna Williams Shadow to Shine 

Shadow to Shine aims to bridge the gap between young people and their professional goals.

Tameeka Smith 

Trimenco recognises that everyone faces personal and professional challenges throughout their lives. It seeks to encourage learning, growth and change in its clients. It provides pathways to success via its training, mentoring and coaching programmes.  It provides ways for people to tap into resilience within them with a focus on well-being.

Jayni GudkaUnseen Tours 

Unseen Tours aims to provide meaningful work opportunities in the tourism, events and cultural heritage sectors for individuals who have experienced homelessness, alongside other forms of discrimination and marginalisation.

Image of female business leaders on stage