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Follow our step by step guide to setting up your campaign pages.

Creating campaign pages

Creating your main campaign page is the first step you need to do before you can start receiving donations through CAF Donate. 

This will be the default pot for processing all donations. 

Once you've set up your main campaign, you can create additional campaigns as and when you need to.

For example you might want to set up a campaign for a specific project your fundraising for, or even a seasonal campaign like Giving Tuesday or Christmas.

Set up your campaign

1  Get started

Log into your CAF Donate account and under 'Manage your online CAF Donate campaigns' select either:

Create your main campaign 
if this is the first time you have set up a campaign

or Add a new campaign
if this an additional campaign.

If you haven't yet set up your main campaign, you'll need to do this first before you can set up any additional campaigns. 

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area
If you're creating an additional campaign, you can replicate and amend an existing campaign. Simply select with campaign you would like to replicate from the drop down menu.

Design the brand look and feel

1 Get started

Add your charity’s name and number to your campaign page by ticking the Yes box.

2  Add your charity's logo

You can upload this in a JPG, PNG or BMP format. Your logo must be of the dimensions 230 x 128px and the file size must not exceed 250KB. Your logo will automatically resize on mobile devices.

3 Tailor your campaign to your brand

Choose the primary colour you would like for your campaign page by either entering a six-digit hex colour code, or choosing from the colour palette.

Select the colour of the text you would like to appear on your buttons. This can be either black or white.

Choose the secondary colour you would like for your campaign page by either entering a six-digit hex colour code, or choosing from the colour palette.

Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

Did you know?
You can see a live preview of what your page will look like as you create your design. You can also see how your campaign page will display on a computer, tablet and mobile.


    Provide information about your campaign

    1  Label your campaign

    Enter a unique campaign code to track how well your campaign performs. This can be a mixture of letters and numbers, and must not exceed 15 characters.

    Give your campaign a name - this will be publicly displayed on your page and thank you emails to donors.

    You won't be able to change your campaign code once published.

    2  Tell donors about your campaign

    CAF Donate allows you to provide a description of what your camapiagn is about and what you are trying to achieve.

    3  Enter your page URL

    This is the page on your website that you'd like donors to visit to find out more about your charity or campaign.

    4  Choose a donation target

    You are able to set a public donation target which donors will be able to see. This is optional, but it's good to include for specific campaigns, appeals or projects.

    5  Set up donation notifications

    You can choose whether you want to be alerted after every successful donation is made. This will provide you with information regarding the donation amount and the transaction ID.

    You'll be able to see the full details of the donation by logging onto the CAF Donate reporting section the following day.

    Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

    Single donation options

    1  Select your donation amount options

    You have the option to provide suggested donation amounts and descriptions, telling donors what can be achieved with a particular donation amount.

    By sharing information about how donors can make a difference, you can encourage more and, or, regular donations.

    You can set a minimum single donation amount of £5. All donations are in Pound Sterling only – overseas donors can give in Pound Sterling and the amount will be debited in their local currency.

    2  Select your payment options

    You can provide a range of payment options for donors, including debit and credit card and PayPal. CAF Donate will provide a default option of donating via CAF Account which will automatically be included with each of your campaigns. Please note that this cannot be removed.

    Screenshot of CAF Donate account area

    Regular donation options

    You can set up regular donations by Direct Debit. As with single donations, you have the option to suggest donation amounts and descriptions highlighting what can be achieved with a particular donation amount.

    1  Select your donation amount options

    The minimum donation you can set for Direct Debits is £2.

    2  Choose your payment frequency

    This is where you can provide a range of options as to how frequently donors can give to you. The optons you can choose from are monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually – you can select as many or as few of these options as you wish.

    Donors can choose to have their donations collected either on the 1st or 15th of each month.

    screenshot of CAF Donate account area

    Thank you messages

    You can send an instant thank you to your donors which will appear on their screen as soon as they have made a donation. You can also set up an automated thank you email which will be sent upon donating. 

    See below how to set this up.

      On screen thank you message

      Write a headline message that will appear on screen after your donors have donated. This can be a maximum of 80 characters.

      Your thank you message to donors can be a maximum of 255 characters.

      Be sure to include a URL link to the page you would like to direct donors to after they have made a donation.

      Thank you email

      Customise an email you would like to send to donors letting them know that their payment was successful.

      Include an email subject line no longer than 80 characters, and your customised email message. 

      Remember to include a telephone number donors can contact you on for any queries they may have.

      An email address will also be included in the thank you email - this is sourced from your charity profile and can be amended.

      Don't forget to sign off your email specifying your charity's name. This will help to remind your donors who they donated to.

      Screenshot of CAF Donate account area



      Now that you know, log into CAF Donate and set up your campaigns to start fundraising.

      Log into CAF Donate

      question-mark Already set up your campaign?

      Add your campaign donations form to your website to start accepting donations online.
                         Follow our step by step guide to find out how. 

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